Uttarakhand- DevBhumi (The land of God's )

This magnificent Himalayan Indian state is located in the north of the country, with neighboring Tibet and Nepal.

Its peaks and valleys were well known in ancient times as the abode of Gods and Goddesses and source of the Ganges river.

Uttarakhand’s beauty is so pure and diverse. From rivers to hill tops, from local authentic food to kind and warm people everything takes your breath away.

Uttarakhand is home to   Nanda Devi culminating at 7816m of altitude, which will amaze you by its majestic beauty. The sacred river in the country, the Ganges also origins from here.

Its 4 springs are places of pilgrimage very frequented by the fervent Hindus who visit as soon as the roads (mostly snow-covered) allow it.

There is nothing like exploring Uttarakhand on the bike as it allows you to connect with the place and its people  to better perceive the way of life of these hospitable mountain dwellers.

This journey in Uttarkhand will leave you with so many unforgettable memories, that when you leave you will have only one desire: come back to it as soon as possible. You know that mother mountain will be waiting for you with open arms until the next time.

You will not only discover the places but yourself